OptiLight Roof windows

OptiLight Roof windows

Wooden  elements  of  the  OptiLight  windows  are  made  from  especially  sorted,  highest  quality  pinewood  which  is  bonded  in  layers,  impregnated,  and  coated  with an ecological acrylic finish. The wood is protected on the outer surface with  weather and UV resistant aluminium profiles.
The window has a large effective glazing area, which allows more light to enter the room. All windows are double glazed, and use a single chambered construction. The U coefficient of the pane is 1.3 [W/m²K].
Space between panes is filled with inert gas. The internal pane is coated with a heat reflecting low-emission layer, externall glass toughend.
It helps to reduce heat loss during winter and overheating during summer.
The air inlet of OptiLight VA type efficiency is up to 20 [m³/h]. It is the air quantity, which flows into the room through the window with 78cm or 114 cm width and  pressure  difference  of  10  Pa.  Windows  with  78cm  width  and  bigger  have  in the air-inlet slat 2 openings. In windows with 55 and 66 cm width, air-inlet efficiency will be respectively lower and is 15 [m³/h]. The windows with 55 and 66 cm width are equipped with air-inlet slat with one opening.
OptiLight windows have a centre-pivoting construction. The hinges installed in the  middle  of  the  window  allow  the  sash  to  be  opened  in  a  range  of  positions  and to be rotated up to 180 degrees. The handle design enables tight closing and two  positions  of  micro  ventilation.  The  handle  positioned  at  the  bottom  of  the  sash makes using the window easier and more comfortable, irrespective of the height  at  which  the  window  is  installed.  Pivot  structure  and  functional  handle  placed in the bottom part of the sash ensures comfortable use and operation
Thanks to the construction of windows and flashings OptiLight windows can be installed on roofs at any pitch between 15 to 90 degrees.


22 January 2015


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